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Studio Time

We are located in the University District and share studio space with Tag Spaces, a women-centric co-working space. Our studio is already calibrated and easy to get up and running quickly. However, our equipment is designed to be used any where. We can setup in a specialty studio, your location or even outdoors.

Record Anywere

  • User our studio for instant setup.
  • Mobile equipment can record anywhere
  • Use your studio or a specific location
  • Hacktop Studio staff runs the equipment, no learning curve
  • Must be in the Seattle area

Sample Pricing

Hourly Estimates

Costs are based on the type of equipment you need. You can mix and match equipment, for instance maybe you need full body and hand tracking. These prices are based on using our studio, remote locations can incur additional costs.

Hand Tracking

  • $1,500 /hour
  • Manus hand tracking
  • High precision finger tracking
  • VR Tracking (Optional)

Body Tracking

  • $2,300 /hour
  • Shadow Motion Inertia system
  • 17 inertia Body sensors
  • VR refrence tracked to prevent drift

Body & Hand Tracking

  • $3,600 /hour
  • Shadow + Manus recordings
  • Single Armature
  • FBX standard output

Face Tracking

  • $3,000 /hour
  • Dynamixyz Single camera system
  • Sound booth is extra
  • body/hand tracking not included

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