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At Hacktop we offer scalable motion capture services. No matter what size of business you have, we have solutions from hobby developers to AAA commercial recordings. We can scale to fit your needs but never compromise on quality.

At Hacktop we have already streamlined the process to reduce cost and get you the motions you need. We can also source specialized talent for your recordings and even add professional voice acting. If you just need some stock animations for your game or indie project, check out our store! We are always adding mroe animations.

Motion Capture Suits can be a challenge to set up

If you are considering building your own motion capture system, check out our guide.

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Pre-Recorded Motions

We offer pre-recorded motions that can be bought at very low prices on our MoCap online store.

Stock MoCap


Commissioned Work

Not finding what your project needs on our Store? You can commision our actors to perform and record your actions for you.



Professional Actors

We have professional actors for both MoCap and voice acting available for professional commissioned work. We can fill any indie need!

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MoCap Store

We are actively recording different motion animations that we offer on our MoCap store. We use a custom pipeline that is compatible with Mixamo and makes it reasy to re-rig our motions to your rig.

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Commissioned Work

We offer commissioned animation. You provide a list of animation and our actors record several version of each. You review the proofs before purchasing.

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Professional Talent

We have agreements with several talent agencies to provide professional actors for mocap and voict acting at a discounted rate for independent studios.

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Bundle: Barstool actions

Bundle of 14 barstool related actions.


Gun and Knife: Aim & Fire

Gun in right, knife in left. Aiming and firing


Barstool cheering

Sitting on a barstool cheering


Hacktop Studios Commissioned and stock MoCap

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