Commissioned MoCap Work

Affordable Remote Solutions to Mocap

Hacktop Studios

Commissioned MoCap

Hacktop Studios offers a unique motion capture service that allows you to commission the actions you need without having to rent studio time or provide your own actors. Not having to be in our studio or rent your own studio means you can use our services from anywhere in the world. Even if you are local, with certain health and safety precations, this can be an alternative to safely getting the motions you need without having to come into the space.

Custom Services

  • Pay only per action not per hour.
  • Review 3 takes of each action as proofs before selecting/paying
  • Select the level of recording you need. Body, hand and/or face tracking
  • No need to be in the Seattle area
  • COVID safe

Raw FBX/GLTF 2.0 Files

FBX is an industry standard and is supported by all major animation platforms such as Maya, Blender, Unreal, Unity and Godot. We also include the open GLTF 2.0 standard

Mixamo Compatible Armatures

We convert all motion captures into the Mixamo armature to make it easy to implement and re-rig.

Multiple Takes

We do three takes of any action you request. You select the one you like best and only pay if you are happy with the result.

Re-Use Discounts

If you allow us to re-sell your recorded action you can get the setup fee waived. $100 value!

Consistent Pipeline

All motion captures go through our same re-rigging pipeline that outputs the same quality and naming conventions every time, regardless of MoCap equipment used.

FOSS Support

We support and actively contribute to the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) community. Including tools and patches to open source projects like Blender and Godot.

Sample Pricing

Commissioned Estimates

Costs are based on the type of equipment you need. You can mix and match equipment, for instance maybe you need full body and hand tracking. An estimated cost would be to add the two categories below. Note these are just estimates, depending on special needs these prices can be higher (ie. require gymnastic equipment)

Full Tracking

  • $168.69 /session
  • $8 each subsequent action
  • Max 15 actions per session
  • Single Armature
  • 3 Proofs per action

Full Tracking - Professional

  • $600 /session
  • Professional Actor/Athlete
  • Session is 4 hours
  • Avg 15 actions per session (70 Proofs)
  • 3 Proofs per action
  • Special Indie Studio pricing (< 750k/yr)

Face Tracking

  • $735 /session
  • Dynamixyz Single camera system
  • $89 each subsequent action
  • 3 Proofs per action
  • Voice acting available seperately
  • No body tracking included

Voice Acting Talent

  • $800 /session
  • Professional Voice Over actors
  • $150/hr + $650 base
  • Royalty Free
  • Note: This is an indie discount for companies that make less than 750k/yr

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